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Changes to CA SB 276 Target Doctors

California and the nation face a historic vote on Thursday, junio 20, in Sacramento.

California’s SB 276, a bill which proposes limiting vaccine medical exemptions (VMEs), sponsored by Senator Pan, has undergone major changes.The new text doubles down on doctors and proposes such strict restrictions on the practice of issuing medical exemptions to California children that it is unlikely that any doctors will administer medical exemptions at all. This would put children whose genetic dispositions and auto immune systems react to the toxins in vaccines at risk from grave harm.

To the Health Committee and Assembly members it may appear that by making so many changes to the bill Pan graciously listened to our Governor. The bill states however, “The bill would specify the information to be included in the medical exemption form, including a certification under penalty of perjury* that the statements and information contained in the form are true, accurate, and complete.

Adding criminal penalties for the doctors and limiting their Medical Exemptions to 5 per year does not protect the doctor-patient relationship as Governor Newsom had intended, it practically eliminates it.

*Perjury of Law definition: A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines. The punishment for perjury under state law varies from state to state, but perjury is a felony and carries a possible prison sentence of at least one year, plus fines and probation.

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Letters to the Editors About Glyphosate Herbicides

Dear Editor,

I am a mother concerned about health issues and I am writing to ask you to report on one of the most pressing issues of our community. Exposure to a very insidious herbicide called glyphosate herbicides, also known as Roundup and 700 + other brand names. You may have heard about it in the news recently - a historic verdict was announced a few weeks ago - 2 plaintiffs won $2 billion dollars when they sued the manufacturer of Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide, for not properly labeling their product a carcinogen. The jury found the company guilty on all counts, including "malice and oppression" which means that the executives at Monsanto knew that the product could cause cancer and hid this information from the public.

Glyphosate herbicides are not just responsible for cancer. They have been proven to be neurotoxic, hormone disrupting, cause birth defects, miscarriages, and liver and kidney disease at very low levels of exposure. Monsanto and many chemical companies, retailers, landscapers, and food manufacturers have been hiding this information from the public for years. 

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Is Talcum Powder Hiding Asbestos?

In March of this year a California jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $24.4 million to a dying woman who says she developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in the company’s talcum powder. The jury awarded an additional $5 million to her spouse.

Baby powder’s leading manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, is facing quite a few high-profile court cases surrounding the link between their talc-based products and cancer. The company is under fire after thousands of loyal customers came forward with both ovarian cancer and mesothelioma, suggested to be a direct result of long-term use.

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Non-Toxic Nextdoor Outreach

Do you want your pet and family to live a long time, free of cancer?

Did you know that vets report that 50% of dogs over the age of 10 now die of or die with cancer?

1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females are expected to get cancer in America today!


You can do something about this TODAY. In just a few minutes you can save lives.


I just posted on Nextdoor, a very useful app that connects neighbors to neighbors.


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Moms Across America Asks Impossible Foods and Funder Temasek to Drop GMOs


Recently, Moms Across America learned that Impossible Foods is using GMO soy in their Impossible Burger and are getting their burger into hundreds of restaurant chains like Burger King without labeling or a warning to consumers. Celebs such as Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Jay-Z and Trevor Noah funded the vegan burger. Then consumers began posting that they were having allergic reactions, and yet no recall was conducted, and no warnings were issued. As a mother of a child who has nearly died before my eyes from food I gave him, and also saw him get better when we avoided GMOs and glyphosate, I did what any mother in my position would do: I initiated Moms Across America to commission the testing of the GMO Impossible Burger for glyphosate, a chemical found in Roundup. Glyphosate has been scientifically proven to cause liver disease (which weakens the immune system), destroy gut bacteria (which can lead to inflammation and allergies), and contribute to hormone disruption, birth defects, miscarriages, and cancer.

The test results were disturbing. The levels of glyphosate in the Impossible Burger, although below the levels irresponsibly considered “safe” by the EPA and others misled to believe in the EPA’s science, have been proven to cause harm in a myriad of ways. We understand the argument some are using: compared to other foods, with thousands of parts per billion of glyphosate, the Impossible Burger levels are not as high and therefore not as worrisome. We assert that the Impossible Foods company has an opportunity to change the levels of glyphosate in their foods and that every part per billion of glyphosate is harmful to human and animal life and should be avoided to reduce the total body burden of toxins.

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The First Parade

It was a clear, sunny day in Connecticut. It was hot but not scorching and there was a slight breeze now and then—just enough to bring a sigh of relief. We gathered in the Stop & Shop parking lot in the charming and affluent town of Madison. Groups of cheerleaders, firefighters, men driving tiny cars, floats, and trucks gathered in colorful groups around us. I was beaming with excitement and felt more alive than I had felt in months. Leafy, green trees lined the streets, which were packed with parade spectators in their beach chairs.

My family was with me, all decked out in their GMO? We’re NOT Buying It! and LABEL GMOs NOW! Because We Said So! T-shirts, holding signs we had made.

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Your Backyard REGENERATIVE Garden!

We are once again in the position where we, as everyday citizens, have the opportunity to use our gardens as a force for change. Shifting garden practices towards principles of regenerative agriculture can be a meaningful part of reversing climate change, sequestering carbon, and growing healthy, organic foods for our friends and families.

Your small home garden can integrate regenerative farming practices like keeping the soil covered, supporting strong soil structure, encouraging biodiversity, using compost, avoiding the use of chemicals, and creating onsite fertility (including compost!)—reducing your environmental footprint and and producing amazing fruits, vegetables, and herbs just two steps from your kitchen door.

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New Media for Health and Freedom

wave.jpgNow is the time! Do you feel the wave? People all across the country are showing up at Senate hearings. SHOUT OUT TO CT, NY, NJ, OR, WA, CA, TX and AZ especially right now! People are sharing, speaking up, and shifting the thinking around vaccines, toxins, and medical freedom. This is important to us. So important that we will risk the trolls and negative press. So what. Being silent simply is not a consideration when it comes to the health and well being of our families!

Today I am thrilled to share several ways you can show light on the truth- please share these wonderful videos, movies and even a Deck of Cards to raise awareness about health, our food supply, and the impact of the current vaccine schedule and ingredients in vaccines.

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Bayer's $2 Billion Dollar Headache Affects Us All


You must have heard about the $2 billion dollar win for our cause via the Pilliod v Monsanto trial by now. It's everywhere. It's glorious. We celebrate this tremendous win! And we wish to remind the public of what is really going on here. Some things are simply not being mentioned in the media.

Moms Across America asked nicely. We went to the Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) shareholders' meeting and asked 1,000 shareholders and the entire board of directors to "change direction, away from this toxic treadmill of chemical cocktails." I asked for them to consider the job security of their employees, pointing out that a business plan which includes poison is not a viable long-term plan, and that many could lose their jobs. Other moms like Anne Temple also asked them to "mitigate the inevitable litigation," to protect their own shareholder value, and to stop selling Roundup and glyphosate herbicides now.


They ignored us.


They belittled us.


And they funded movies and shills to discredit us.


Even though we were "just moms," the attacks were vicious.

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Hamburguesa imposible de OGM positiva para el glifosato cancerígeno

Pruebas de hamburguesas imposibles de OGM 11 X mayor para el residuo de herbicida glifosato que más allá de la hamburguesa de carne

Actualizado julio 8, 2019

Un jurado de juicio de Monsanto premió a los demandantes por $ 2 mil millones de dólares, para la conexión entre el herbicida a base de glifosato, Roundup, y su cáncer. Hoy, Moms Across America anuncia que la Impossible Burger * dio positivo por glifosato. los niveles de glifosato detectados en la hamburguesa imposible por Laboratorio del Instituto de Investigación de Salud s eran 11 X más altas que la Beyond Meat Burger. El resultado total (glifosato y su descomposición AMPA) fue 11.3 ppb. Moms Across America también probó la Beyond Meat Burger y los resultados fueron 1 ppb.

"Estamos conmocionados al descubrir que la hamburguesa imposible puede tener hasta 11 X niveles más altos de residuos de glifosato que la hamburguesa de carne Beyond según estas muestras analizadas". Este nuevo producto se comercializa como una solución para una alimentación "saludable", cuando en realidad 11 ppb de consumo de herbicida glifosato puede ser muy peligroso. Solamente Se ha demostrado que 0.1 ppb de glifosato   alterar la función del gen   de más de 4000 genes en los hígados, riñones y causa   daño severo en los órganos   en ratas . **** Estoy profundamente preocupado de que los consumidores estén siendo engañados para creer que la hamburguesa imposible es saludable ”, dijo Zen Honeycutt, Director Ejecutivo de Moms Across America.

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