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Moms Across America 2017 Healthy Communities Award Recipients

Moms Across America has long appreciated the dedication and expertise of many leaders in our cause. At the Heirloom Expo Sept 5-7,  when I was a part of a panel MCed by Bob McFarland of the CA Guild, (our former fiscal sponsor), Dr. Vandana Shiva, and Robert F. Kennedy on glyphosate, I knew we could not pass up this opportunity to acknowledge these extraordinary people.


In addition, without the support of Pamm Larry and Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Moms Across America and the progress of our entire movement would not be what it is today, so we were thrilled to present them with awards. Then on Sept 17, at the CCOF Organic Symposium, I was delighted to award Phil LaRocca of LaRocca Vineyards and Board president of CCOF for 3 decades of commitment to growing and protecting organic food.

Without people like Bob, Robert, Vandana, Jere, Pamm, and Phil our organic movement would not be what it is today. Together, lawyers, scientists, farmers, activists, and seed savers, we can create a new future. That future is not dominated by the chemical companies who merely strive to make a profit, it is created by citizens dedicated to thriving in health, freedom, and justice for all. Thank you for your continued support so that we can continue our work, connect and collaborate with extraordinary people such as these, and be proud to live in this country and world with together.

The Moms Across America Healthy Communities Award is for people who have contributed in extraordinary ways to creating healthy communities. It is a sustainable bamboo wood cutting board, Made in the USA.



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FDA Hides Information on Glyphosate in Vaccines

Moms Across America finally received a response back from the FDA via the CDC regarding our Freedom of Information Act (FOI) for any and all information they have exchanged or filed regarding glyphosate in vaccines. (See original report here)

First, we informed the FDA we found glyphosate in vaccines and asked the FDA and CDC to test for glyphosate in vaccines. They did not address that request in their response. Then I filed an FOI to request any and all information they had on glyphosate in vaccines. I wanted to know if they tested ( and just didn't tell us), or who decided not to test, and what information they had on glyphosate in vaccines.

Their response is infuriating, unjust and some might argue, potentially criminal. Consider doing the following to protect you and your family:

Over 50% of the pages from the FDA were redacted or blank!

Hiding information from the public on such a serious and harmful issue can only be described as corruption.

We urge you to BE THE MEDIA and share this information with a dozen groups, pages, and social media outlets.

See and share our viral Facebook LIVE video here: 

Or watch on YouTube here.

We have had the video transcribed. Please share this information with any deaf friends you may have below.


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Protect Your Family and Create Healthy Communities

You might be feeling connected, healthier, and happier now that you are starting to find some community and support online and perhaps within your groups.

We are so glad.

Start to think about how you can expand your reach. What types of people or groups are you NOT normally in contact with?

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Monsanto Conceals Liver Toxicity of Glyphosate Herbicide Formulants


By Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director, Moms Across America


My bed time reading is not the most relaxing these days.This week, I was once again perusing the Monsanto documents revealed during the discovery from the Baum Hedlund Aristei Goldman lawsuit and came across this shocking admission:


Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 8.20.11 PM (1).png


I immediately wanted to know if UK scientist Dr Michael Antoniou had seen this email and what his response would be. Antoniou was the lead scientist of a team which discovered that Roundup full formulation caused non-alcoholic liver disease at an extremely low dose, far lower than what regulators permit and say is totally safe to be ingested on a daily basis.



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Top Ten Foods to Avoid In America

We can no longer just focus on the "Dirty Dozen." Over 7800 foods tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency compiled by Tony Mitra in the book "Poison Foods of North America" show us that the highest contamination of glyphosate (Roundup herbicide) is not in GMO corn and soy as we would expect, but in numerous non GMO crops that are commonly found in "healthy" foods such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free foods.

These non-organic foods are highly contaminated with this carcinogen, neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, and antibiotic that causes liver disease because glyphosate herbicides are often sprayed as a drying agent on grains, beans and legume crops.






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The New Heroes of Our Time

Por Zen Honeycutt

A generation ago, the heroes of our society were the big companies who created a product, built large factories, and supplied a huge portion of a town with jobs. We gave status and respect to the wealthy moguls of oil, gas, railroads, lumber, coal, and metals. The Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Whitneys ruled this society. Yes, we called the firefighters and police officers our local heroes, and still do…. but the people we really looked up to, feared, and revered, were the people who created wealth, no matter by what means.

Times have changed.

Today there is a distinct shift of power and who American citizens are considering as our heroes.

Corporate influence over our politicians, resources, and regulations is causing a revolution of awareness. Not only is there utter disdain for the big corporations like Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, and Enron, but they are publicly vilified, hated, sued, and shamed. According to the informed Gen Xers, Millennials, and even some of the Baby Boomers, corporations are no longer the saviors, they are the enemy.  

Recently the movie “No Escape” depicted the anger a society expressed, in terrifying ways when a big corporation came in to take the water of a third world Asian country. The rebels fight back, killing every westerner in sight and any local who aided them to escape. This non-fiction movie is tragically not far from reality. We have all had enough. Developing and industrialized nations alike are waking up. There is no escape for the big corporations who take advantage of people and the planet. The resentment of the citizens who are being exploited wraps around the world.

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Monsanto's Secrets Are Out

Miscarriage Coverup Revealed

On Tuesday attorneys from Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, who are representing hundreds of plaintiffs accusing Monsanto of causing their Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, made Monsanto's secrets available to the public. Documents produced during the discovery of the lawsuit, including emails, manipulated studies, and texts are proving to be a treasure trove of evidence not only for their case but for hundreds of thousands who have long named Monsanto the most hated corporation in the world.

Despacho de abogados

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Wins and Invitations July Update

Let's celebrate our wins! 
There are thousands of people in our cause for GMO and toxin free lives, striving for health and freedom every day. 


This week, I met amazing people in San Diego at a WOW Talks (highly recommended! Women of Wellness Talks), supporters and the organizer of the March Against Monsanto, and horse owners who are working to get GMOs and toxins out of horse feed to prevent needless harm to race horses. The extent of the harm that GMOs and glyphosate can inflict is far reaching, but our supporters are aware, determined, and unstoppable.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude this week to all the scientists who are pursuing the truth and work tirelessly to bring clarity to the impact of GMOs and toxic chemicals. Their work is to be applauded and shared.

New article on a study shows that DDT (produced by Monsanto) and other pesticides are strongly linked to the feminization and sterility of African men.

New scientific information released this week that you can find on our website under DATA:

New paper shows that glyphosate has been detected in Missouri soil at levels of 1000 ug per kg up to a year after application. 
Scientists Seneff and Nigh just published a paper showing how glyphosate is likely the cause of developmental cuts which lead to anencephaly and neuro tube birth defects.

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Hidden Toxins in the Home

Asbestos-1.jpgAt Moms Across America we are committed to raise awareness about the toxic burden on our children and families that contributes to their skyrocketing health issues. Toxins can come from many sources. One is the home.

Many may not be aware that they can do something about reducing those toxins. Here is a guest blog about asbestos that we hope will make a difference for you and your family.







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GMO Labeling Response to the USDA

The USDA is calling for comments regarding GMO labeling to be submitted by julio 17, 2017


From their website:
The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law charges AMS with developing a national mandatory system for disclosing the presence of bioengineered material. USDA has established a working group to develop a timeline for rulemaking and to ensure an open and transparent process for effectively establishing this new program, which will increase consumer confidence and understanding of the foods they buy, and avoid uncertainty for food companies and farmers.  

We are committed to providing multiple opportunities for engagement.

This page will be a continuously updated resource for public notification and collaboration on the development of the new program.

The list of questions being addressed are here: https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/gmo-questions

Direct Comments directly to [email protected].

If you do not want to answer all 31 questions, you may use an abbreviated, suggested email, see below:

1. ALL GMOs must be labeled. This includes oils, sugars and sugar derivatives, highly processed soy and corn products derived from GMO seeds.

2. ALL GMOs must be labeled clearly, in writing, honestly, with a health warning. We request the following for the current GMOs on the market:

Warning: This product contains genetically modified organisms which have been shown to produce toxins and stimulate tumor growth in animals. Many GMOs are engineered to withstand pesticides which do not dry, wash, or cook off. Therefore, this product may contain carcinogenicneurotoxicantibiotic, and endocrine disrupting chemicals which cause liver disease

We request that any GMOs in development such as CRISPR, RNAI, gene editing or new GMOs, due to insufficient testing, devastating consequences to life forms, and evidence of thousands of mutations from gene editing, be barred from entering the food supply completely.

3. ALL GMOs in the market must be labeled clearly, in writing, on the package with the above warning in a timely fashion. USDA must meet its deadline of proposed and then final rules by julio 29, 2018. Furthermore, the time period allowed for companies to comply should be one year and no longer. Companies have known that consumers want GMO labeling for years. In fact, several companies, such as Campbell's, Mars, ConAgra, General Mills, and Kellogg's already do label, with no increase in the cost of their products.

We ask you to please send your email directly to the EPA. Thousands of signatures on one petition may only count as one signature, so please send your email directly to the USDA today to [email protected] 

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