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Organic Awareness Billboard Blitz


Press Release 

August 24, 2016- Mission Viejo CA. This week, 99 billboards and 55 signs were posted by Moms Across America and Adams & Fairway Outdoor Advertising in 12 states to raise awareness about organic food.

The billboard, the third of a series, refers to the Back to School season and reads “Pack Organic: Delicious and Non Toxic” showing a picture of a pre-teen girl with her lunch box open.

Moms Across America Founder and Executive Director Zen Honeycutt states, “Many people in America do not understand the implications of not eating organic. Their children, who are the most vulnerable due to developing immune, neurological, nervous and reproductive systems, are being inundated by toxic chemicals in conventional and genetically modified foods. Most of our food manufacturers would like Americans to be ignorant to this fact so we must take matters into our own hands and raise awareness ourselves.”

30.5 million GMO (genetically modified) meals which have residues of dozens of toxic chemicals are served to American children each day in federally funded schools. American children have skyrocketing health issues and costs. Proponents of GMOs claim that they are necessary to feed the world, however 40% of Americans are obese, 40% of food is wasted and yet 15.3 million US children go to bed hungry every night. Chemical companies claim that their chemicals are safe for farmers and consumers, but recent studies show serious harm, including cancer and neurotoxicity. Honeycutt points out that, “It is not the food that needs to be modified, it is the food system.” The meals served in our public school system are often the only meals that students in underprivileged areas eat and are therefore even more important to be nutritious and toxin free.

Organizations like Turning Green and The Conscious Kitchen are working to support schools and universities to transition to fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non GMO, and pesticide free food for students. Founder of these organizations Judi Shils adds,“Our student-run organizations have shown that schools can switch to local and organic food, it starts with just a few committed people and a lot of dedication.”

Honeycutt adds, “In the meantime, we encourage Americans to pack as much organic food as possible for their children, starting with fruit, oils, and dairy which can have the highest levels of contaminants. Buying bulk, local, whole foods reduces costs and supports the local economy.”

Moms Across America is reaching millions, with more than 400 leaders who created over 750 events in all 50 states to raise awareness about GMOs and related toxic chemicals since 2013. She attributes the growth of the moms network to the determination of mothers who will research, share and speak up to protect their children. Find out more about GMOs and related toxic chemicals at

Contact info:

Blair Fitzgibbon, Publicist, [email protected]

Moms Across America, Zen Honeycutt - [email protected]

Turning Green and The Conscious Kitchen, Judi Shills- [email protected]



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After the Dark Act


Photo from article on Natural News

Many of us are still steaming...not just from the massive heat wave hitting America, but from the insanity happening on the Hill.

GMOs are being hidden by our President behind QR codes, our own Organic Trade AssociationJust Label It, EWG- Environmental Working Group and Whole Foods worked to compromise our efforts, and the corruption of the election process has a huge portion of the population leaning towards just giving up and not voting or volunteering for our cause anymore.

I understand the sadness.

I understand the frustration.

Please keep in mind that frustration is the mother of invention. 

I always feel better when I allow myself to feel frustrated. There are times when I just need to ask someone to "hear me out" and have a good cry. From there, I can identify the problem...then ask myself, what can I do about it?

We have an opportunity now to be creative!

Here is what some other orgs are doing about it:

From the unstoppable Center for Food Safety CFS:

CFS will be filing a federal lawsuit in the next two weeks asking a court to declare the law unconstitutional on a number of grounds and to restore our democratically decided upon labeling laws.

We need your support to launch this lawsuit and protect our right to know. Be one of the first to pitch in now>>>

From Tara Cook Littman and the Citizens for GMO Labeling:

Senator Blumenthal has called for a repeal of the "DARK Act"!  He acknowledged that could be a hard road, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't t try!  I know he gives many of us hope.  The CT Mirror did a great article.…

Thank Senator Blumenthal on Facebook here:

The DARK Act wipes out GMO labeling nationally. The TPP (Trans Pacific Trade Agreement) could wipe out GMO labeling internationally. It would be considered a "trade barrier" within the 12 nations in the agreement to label GMOs, all which trade globally. We must not allow despair about the DARK Act stop us from putting an end to the TPP. See below:

From our friends at Food & Water Watch:

On Friday, the White House officially put Congress on notice that the TPP is coming, and we're seeing reports that the Administration is planning more than 30 high-profile events with cabinet members before the end of the month to strong-arm members of Congress to support the TPP.

But the public is against this toxic trade deal, and both presidential candidates oppose the TPP. Momentum is against the Administration — and it's up to us to keep it that way.

Tell your members of Congress to reject the TPP!

Thank you!

We hope you will take part in the efforts of our cause. Together we can accomplish so much more!


At Purple Sprout Cafe, Wheeling IL with Go Green Northbrook and MAA supporters

If you are in AR, OK, NM, AZ or CA and  would like to meet up with me, Zen Honeycutt and my family, please see our National Toxin Free Tour dates and times here:

We invite you to contact us with your ideas and volunteer to support our never ending cause. I say never ending because the love for our children, health and freedom will never end.

Labels or not. Your favorite candidate elected President or not, our commitment remains undauntable.

We remain unstoppable.

We continue to thank you for your support!


Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team



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Open Letter to Michelle Obama

mask_suit_spraying.jpg michelle-obama-garden-062010-590.jpeg
GMO Farming Organic Farming


Dear Michelle Obama,

My name is Samantha McDaniel and I am a family support worker at Healthy Babies Project in Washington DC. I work with teen moms and a lot of them are from very underprivileged neighborhoods with low income. When I take them shopping to teach them how to buy healthy, organic and non GMO food it is already challenging enough. They would never use a Smart phone to scan a QR code or go to a website like bill S.764 would require them to do because most can't afford a Smart phone. It's also dangerous to be looking at a phone when you have a baby in the cart or a toddler running off in a public place with possible predators nearby. Our moms would not use their cell phone minutes because they have Pay As You Go phones and can't afford to use up their minutes on calling food companies. This bill is very discriminatory to minorities, many of which are low income.

I ask you, Michelle Obama to ask your husband label GMOs and keep his word as he said he would in his campaign by clearly labeling GMOs in writing on the package.

As you are a mother of a child with an allergy, and one who supports organic gardening we hope you will support other mothers as well.

-Samantha McDaniel

From Moms Across America:

Michelle we ask you to speak to your husband immediately, as the bill could be signed into law before the summer break, in a few days.

The so called "GMO Labeling Bill" S.764 or otherwise known as the DARK Act - Denying Americans the Right to Know - is discriminatory against low income citizens, minorities, as well as senior citizens and people who live in rural locations also because it:

  1. Allows food manufacturers to "label" GMOs with a mere QR code that says "Scan this for more Food information," a website or a telephone number without the words GMO anywhere on the package. This means senior citizens would have to buy and learn how to either scan the package with a smart phone, log onto a website or make a telephone call. Many seniors are no able to so do and this leaves them disadvantaged.

  2. Many rural areas do not have cell phone reception or Wi-Fi in stores and therefore even if one did have a Smart Phone or cell phone, and they wanted to, they might not be able to access the information and be disadvantaged.

  3. People of low income, seniors and minorities have enough stress, difficulties and discrimination in their lives right now.They deserve honest information just like everyone else.

  4. Health issues in America are disproportionately affecting minorities. Much higher numbers of African American, Hispanic and low income children have diabetes and obesity. The parents of these sectors are especially in need of access to information which could impact their families health to prevent costly illnesses.

American citizens deserve to have the words identifying GMO ingredients written clearly, on the package, just like salt or sugar, so they make make informed decisions.

Please watch these videos, Michelle:

Please stand with us for equal rights,  respect, and honor of the American People. 

Thank you! 

With Love From,

Healthy Babies Project and Moms Across America


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The Darkest of Dark Acts


If you have not had the time to read and analyze the newest, darkest, most dangerous "GMO Labeling Bill" cooked up by Senator Stabenow and Senator Roberts, that passed last week and is now headed to the House for our representatives to vote for on the synopsis below.

The President will likely get this bill to sign into law on Wednesday or shortly thereafter. If he signs it into law he wipes out America's right to know and states rights.

The bill S.764 is a FAKE GMO labeling bill.

According to leaders in our cause:

The US Senate, through the munificent campaign contributions of the chemical and bio-tech industry, has passed a new anti-labeling bill aimed at squashing Vermont’s GMO labeling initiative which goes into effect this Friday, July 1, 2016. 

 Five Facts About the Senate’s New “Mandatory” GMO Labeling Bill

  1. It is not a labeling bill.  There is no requirement for labeling in the bill.

  2. It is not mandatory.  All provisions of the bill are OPTIONAL.

  3. There are no penalties for non-compliance, so it is voluntary.

  4. While it is intended to preempt Vermont in 2016,  the new (non-labeling, non-mandatory, no penalty, optional bill is not “effective” for at least two years), making such a preemption possibly unconstitutional

  5. It was not the product of an internal “Senate compromise.”  It was written by the GMO and bio-tech industry and greased with campaign contributions to avoid labeling GMO food and seeds.

A Few More Points about the bill.

  1. The narrow definition also excludes products with no detectable rDNA, so highly purified soy, canola or corn oil, as well as sugar from GE sugar beets, also get exempted. These are the majority of GMOs

  2. Even the FDA opposes this bill because ofthe lack of inclusion of all GMOs and the confusing "labeling".

  3. The bill is toothless, since there are NO financial penalties for non-compliance, nor can any non-compliant food be recalled.  The bill simply states that it is prohibited to not disclose the fact that a food is "bioengineered" and the only penalty is that USDA may conduct an audit and reveal the results of that audit to the public.  In addition, the labeling is exempt from FFDCA requirements re: false and misleading claims.  So, if a company decides to ignore the law completely, they would face no real punishment.

Here is the text of the Stabenow-Roberts bill on GE labeling:

In some ways, this is even worse than the original Roberts bill.  The bottom line is that the main intent of the legislation is to immediately pre-empt VT Act 120, and then have USDA take 2 years to propose regulations mandating labeling that can involve QR codes, 800 numbers, and websites.

  • Call Congress and speak to your representatives 202-224-3121 today and every day this week! 
  • Sign the petition to President Obama: VETO the discriminatory GMO unlabeling law!
  • Sign the petition:, and then check your email to confirm your signature (very important -- your vote won't be counted until you confirm).

Thank you everyone for really rallying and being a part of making a difference!

It's time to stand for Health and Freedom for ALL!

The Moms Across America Team







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Freedom from GMOs and Toxins Billboard Blitz


Press Release
Contact: Blair Fitzgibbon, 202-503-6141

June 22, 2016- Moms Across America announces another billboard blitz across America in time for Independence day. "Organic Food: FREEDOM from GMOs and Toxins." reads the patriotic red,  white, and blue billboard series posted by Adams + Fairway Outdoor advertising.

Featuring a mother and baby of African heritage, running June 20 for 30 days,  99 billboards, 55 posters in 12 states, primarily in the south and midwest, are intended to raise awareness about the importance of organic for all.

"Unfortunately access to organic food is a socio-economic injustice issue," Honeycutt, the founder and director of Moms Across America states."In many lower income urban areas where the population tends to be primarily African American and Hispanic, organic food is almost no where to be found. This was not the case 40 years ago. Our grandmothers all served organic food."

Honeycutt and her organization stress that it is the right of all Americans to have the freedom to chose organic food and avoid GMOs and toxic chemicals. More than 85% of non organic food in America contains GMOs, which are genetically engineered to either be a pesticide or resist herbicides. This means that Americans are consuming more chemicals designed to kill life, cause neurotoxicity, hormone disruption, weaken the immune system, and be likely carcinogenic, than ever in recorded history. Moms Across America are fed up.

"Skyrocketing health issues affect our loved ones, teachers, elected officials, children and unborn. Rising health care costs also affect everyone. We must protect Americans!" says Honeycutt.

Over 650 lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto, the maker of the most widely used herbicide in the world, Roundup, a glyphosate based herbicide, for causing Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in people who used their products in public and private spaces as a weedkiller. Unfortunately Roundup and over 700 different formulations of glyphosate based herbicides are sprayed directly on our food and feed crops, especially on GMO crops,soy, corn,  sugar, and non GMO crops wheat, beans and grains, the staples of the American diet. The EPA allows glyphosate residue on 160 of USA food and feed crops at levels far above that which have been shown to destroy gut bacteria and weaken the immune system. Glyphosate does not dry, wash or cook off and it has been found in American children's urine, tap water, breast milk and a variety of popular American foods, including beer and wine. 

In a recent meeting with the EPA, EPA staff confirmed that long term animal safety testing on the final formulation of Roundup has not been provided to the EPA , even after 40 years of the use of the product. Only tests on one chemical in the product, glyphosate, the declared "active ingredient" have been conducted, no tests on  the entire chemical combination as it is sold in the stores are available. Independent studies show that the other ingredients in the formulation make the product 1000x more toxic, information which is being ignored.

This confirmation exposes a flaw in the EPA approval process which extends far beyond the one chemical glyphosate. Americans depend on our government and regulatory agencies to protect us and if they are failing to demand safety studies on the final formulation of thousands of products, this means that the chemical products as they sit on the shelves in hardware stores, and as they are sprayed on our food,  have never been deemed safe, and to claim that they are is fraudulent.

Honeycutt adds, "America prides itself on freedom. Are we all truly free if we cannot access food without GMOs and toxic chemicals? Don't we have the right to expect that our food is safe? Don't all American have the right to happiness and health?  We know we can do better. We ask all farmers to switch to organic and regenerative eco-agriculture practices and food manufacturers to insist on organic ingredients.

Many people argue that residents of lower income areas cannot afford organic, however Honeycutt interviewed Samantha, a support coach for lower income teen moms from the Healthy Babies Project in Washington DC and she said, "I teach moms that they can buy organic. I take them shopping to buy all non GMO and organic and for 100 dollars we can get a cart full of produce and food that will last the mother and baby for two weeks."

Moms Across America is a 501c3 non profit whose motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids."




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Toxin Free Town Tour

Support the Toxin Free Town Tour!

Help us get GMOs,  Roundup and Toxic Chemicals OUT of our Country!!! Now!!
Honeycutt_RV_first_trip.jpg    map_usa_flag.jpg Mom_Mobile.jpg

I am Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America and my family and I are driving cross country on the National Toxin Free Town Tour to raise awareness about toxins and empower citizens to take action and get Roundup and toxic chemicals OUT of their Towns and GMOs off their tables. 
We are able and willing to meet with locals and supporters in 40 stops roundtrip and give out free flyers, banners and materials to help create healthy communities. Every person who receives these materials gives their community  new solutions and reverses the health crisis America! It's time!!!

Will you chip in $5, $10 or what ever you can to support us in raising awareness?

Supporting this tour also helps to release the grip of our country from corporate control. The chemical companies only power they have over our government because we give them our money by buying their products. Together we can raise awareness and regain health, justice and freedom in America!



We need about $7,000 for the trip: $2000 for gas, $2000 for video editing and graphics for the video we will make about the organic farms we visit and the supporters and their stories along the way, $1800 for RV spots and $1200 for support for logistics. 

We are super grateful that Dr.Bronner's will match donations! The additional funds will go towards support of the tour- the program support, T shirts, materials, flyers, lawn signs, and organic food donations to local food banks. 
It would mean so much to us to meet our supporters, raise awareness cross country,  empower action for healthy communities and donate to food banks.

If we do not raise the full amount, priority goes towards gas, materials and the video. We hope to raise more than enough to give freely to food banks and have plenty of supplies to give out!

We will connect with supporters and meet new people all across the country and bring them SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS!

Todd_and_Bronson.jpg  Carol_and_Zen.jpg

We have 14 meetings with supporters planned on the way over. We are makes 40 + stops dropping off flyers and materials at as many as possible.  If you want to meet us along the way, get free materials, have Zen do a talk or meet with your group members, please contact us at [email protected].

It is simply not enough for your family or my family to eat organic or to stop spraying Roundup in our yards. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere- likely eating GMOs and toxins from their food, neighbors and public parks. So this is a community issue, a national and global issue. One family at a time we can make a difference and protect future generations.

I will be so thankful for your support. This is my life's passion, and my family is utterly devoted to this cause. I promise your donation will make a difference for generations to come. 

Thank you!

Huge Hugs from the Honeycutts!








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ABC 7 Silenced

Last night we sent you an email, posted and tweeted to watch ABC 7 live at 6pm PT as they aired the second segment of their report on glyphosate contamination of wine. (See the first segment here and share it before they take it down) 

 The second segment was going to allow us to "meet a woman who shows farmers how to get rid of the chemicals and embrace the weeds. It does work apparently." We were thrilled.
A solution!

Unfortunately, the segment did not air. 
To say we are disappointed is a major understatement.
I heard from ABC during the segment that the report had been pulled. As usual, we have reason to believe that Monsanto exerted pressure on the network. ABC World News which was scheduled to air the report nationwide today, Saturday, was cancelled. ABC 7 has also removed the piece from their website. Millions of people who are interested in this story, will not have access to important information if things continue as they are.

Censorship of our news destroys the integrity of our country.
In a time of a health crisis, which includes mental illness and violence, our media networks are not sharing the solutions.
In a time of vast disparity between the wealthiest controlling corporations and the struggling mainstream America, corporations are controlling the information given to the public.

We cannot let this go unnoticed. This is not freedom. This is not justice. This is not in the best interest of the public, of the reporters, of the network or our country.

We GREATLY appreciate that ABC 7 News reported on the topic of glyphosate contamination and aired the piece in the first place. 
We are thrilled that so many people were able to learn about this important issue and we will always be grateful!

However we must speak up and let the network know that we want them air the second segment which gives the public solutions.
If they hear from thousands of us they may very likely air the piece!

Please join us in sending a respectful but firm email, letter or Facebook message to the KGO/ABC7  network to "Please air the report on growing grapes without chemicals, do not allow Monsanto to censor our news.":
Click here:

And send a quick note to ABC World News that glyphosate contamination is a national issue and we ask them to air the report:

Further contact information for ABC7:

News Director
900 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Main Line: (415) 954-7777

Email ABC7 Newsroom 
Contact the ABC7 News team 

Make sure you're following us on Instagram for photos and videos from the most moving stories of the 

Headlines, videos, opinions and more -- get a behind the scenes look into your favorite news 

ABC7 News uses Twitter to bring people the latest breaking news and the day's most interesting stories.@abc7newsBayArea 

Thank you for taking just a few minutes to speak up for health and freedom!

With Love and Gratitude for your support,
Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team
Here is the letter I sent to ABC7. You can use it but writing your own is great too.

Dear ABC7 News Team,

We are extremely grateful that you investigated and ran such a great piece on glyphosate contamination in wine and other consumer products. You did a truthful and fair report and many will benefit from your work. We may never know the generations that will be positively affected if the wine valley switches to glyphosate free vineyards.

I was extremely disappointed to see that you did not air the second segment on April 29th at 6pm PT as you said you would. This segment would offer a viable solution to thousands, who grow plants, to grow without the use of chemicals. In our time of a great health crisis, it is essential that the public learn as much as possible about avoiding toxic chemicals and reducing toxic burden to improve health.
We all suspect that Monsanto has contacted ABC7 and we assume, threatened your network.

I urge you to find a way to air the report anyway.
I urge you to consider all the women in the Napa and Sonoma Valley that could be spared breast cancer if the vine growers there stop using glyphosate. I urge you to consider all the babies that could be saved and born into a life of possibility, and all the people who might not get mental illness, if the vinegrowers and farmers in CA and nationwide use organic alternatives instead. I urge you to put the health of our state and nation before the wealth of a single corporation.

Please know the American public needs truth, courage and action now more than ever.
Please show the second segment of the glyphosate report and give America solutions.

If you have the courage to do this, you will show the world that media will not be ruled by fear and chemical companies. You will set an example for news outlets around the world. You will, instead of being a part of "this is just the world we live in" will instead  be creating the world we want to and are proud all live in.

We are very grateful for all you do.
Thank you,
Zen Honeycutt, Founder and Director of Moms Across America


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Movies About GMOs

GMO 101
The movies and videos everyone should watch to understand what is going on with our food supply and Genetically Engineered Crops in the USA and other countries.

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National Health Billboard Campaign


National Health Billboard Campaign Targeting Senate Ag and HELP Committee Home States

Launched by Moms Across America

April 22, 2016- On Earth Day, running through Mother’s Day, Moms Across America launched a national billboard campaign to promote the benefits of organic.

AOA_Moms Across America_organic_digital bulletin_w4_mockup.jpg


The billboards are now appearing in 191 locations in 35 cities/13 states nationwide from Earth Day through Mother’s Day 2016.*

Thanks to many supporters and the reach of Adams and Fairway Outdoor Advertising, Moms Across America is able to reach millions a day with a message that could alter the health of America. 

Moms Across America director Zen Honeycutt stated, “1 out of 2 children in America have a chronic illness.“Our families get better when they eat organic” is a health solution not only for consumers, but for our earth. Studies show organic improves the health of farmers, the quality of the soil, water, plants and reduces climate change as well.”

She continued, “Our intention is to reach millions of American consumers and our policy makers.  We targeted the capitals of the home states of the Senate Ag and HELP Committed members, who make the decisions about whether to subsidize organic or label GMOs. We want them to support health, safety and honest labeling.”

Since the inception of Moms Across America 3 years ago, Honeycutt and her organization have received hundreds of testimonials from their supporters sharing how grateful they are that they learned about GMOs and related pesticides, describing the health improvements in detail.

For example:

“I had an awesome team of doctors at the children’s hospital that could not figure out what was wrong with my daughter who was  getting sick after nearly every meal.  The Moms posting on Facebook that their children got better when they got off GMOs saved my daughter’s life.  That day, I went out and bought organic food and she stopped throwing up.” – Jennifer Lawrenson

Moms Across America recognizes that not every child reacts in this way to GMO food, “It’s sort of like smoking, some have ill health effects, some do not. The difference is that smoking is a choice, eating is not.” Honeycutt points out that all American’s no matter what their income level, location or socio economic background is, should have access to organic food. Access is a problem, we need more organic farmers. Also, many people are not aware however that organic food has many health benefits, for instance, studies show organic food contains far less pesticides, is not genetically engineered (meaning foreign proteins) and has a higher nutritional content. Eating organic reduces toxic burden on the body, which unquestionably benefits health.

The billboards were timed to post the week of the National Organic Standards Board meeting being held in Washington DC April 24-27th, and through Earth Day to Mother’s Day.  Honeycutt spoke in the preliminary NOSB webinar this week, addressing the widespread contamination of organic by chemicals like glyphosate in Roundup and asked the NOSB to take action to protect organic farmer’s profit. She requested that the NOSB regulate, file lawsuits and work in conjunction with other organic standards group to hold the parties contaminating organic responsible.

The non profit organization’s main focus is educating the public about GMOs, related toxic chemicals and solutions.

“Our country is in a health crisis and we need to share solutions.We understand that many may question whether it is organic food which leads to health improvements or if there are other factors involved. I understand the skepticism. No one wants to pay more money for something without good reason, including myself. My response is to try it yourself. As much as you can afford, buy organic, in bulk and as local as much as possible for 2 weeks and cook at home. Note how you feel, many report tremendous health improvements.”

*The billboards are posted for 30 days at:

191 locations in 35 cities in 13 states reaching millions each day

  • Rochester MN
  • Atlanta GA
  • Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Lake Norman,Grenesboro, Greeneville, Charleston SC
  • Chattanooga TN
  • Wichita Falls, Texarkana AR-TX, Sherman, Denison TX
  • Chippewa, Monroe, Winona County, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Kenosha WI
  • Peoria, Bloomington, Penkin, Manito, Champaign IL
  • Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit MI
  • Norfolk,VA
  • North Hampton, Lehigh, Camden, Wilmington, Philadelphia PA


Blair Fitzgibbon, Publicist

Zen Honeycutt, Exec.Director Moms Across America

Erica Line, Adams and Fairway Billboards

[email protected]




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How Do Glyphosate Based Herbicides Contaminate Crops?

For an overview on glyphosate contaminating wine crops watch this 6 minute piece on RT USA with Zen Honeycutt and news anchor Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture March 31, 2016.

To learn more about how Roundup has become ubiquitous in our farming and eco system, and why the claims of safety are false, we are honored to have Ib Pedersen, Danish pig farmer's assessment written for Moms Across America below:

Read more
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