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¿Qué países están diciendo NO a los OGM esta semana?

El Gobierno de Sudáfrica rechaza el maíz triple apilado de OMG de Monsanto

El Centro Africano para la Biodiversidad (ACB) ha acogido con beneplácito la decisión de las autoridades sudafricanas de seguridad de la biotecnología, rechazando la solicitud de Monsanto para la liberación comercial de su maíz triple apilado GM tolerante a la sequía: MON 87460 x MON 89034 x NK 603. En su reunión del 2 octubre 2018, el Ejecutivo ...



Mayan communities and organizations denounce illegal sale and planting of GM soy in Mexico

Monsanto’s seed continues to be used despite court rulings and revoked permit



Zambian citizens call on leaders to raise concerns on GMOs at meeting in Egypt

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Zambia supports the global call for a moratorium on Gene Drive releases, including applied research such as open field trials.

Zambia Alliance for Agroecology and Biodiversity Conservation has launched a campaign to protect Africa.





Are GMO foods safe? Don’t ask the New York Times

We can’t say GM foods are safe any more than we can say snakes are safe. Report: Claire Robinson





GM American chestnut tree a "Trojan Horse" to open door to commercialize GM trees

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Opponents accuse researchers of seeking USDA approval for “iconic” GM American chestnut trees to evade widespread opposition to genetic engineering of trees





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