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Telecom intenta eliminar la autoridad local sobre las instalaciones de torres de telefonía móvil

Se han presentado facturas en California, respaldadas por Big Telecom, para las instalaciones de "Optimización" 5 G de torres de telefonía "pequeñas" en ciudades, pueblos y vecindarios. Estos proyectos de ley son ejemplos de lo que probablemente se presentará o se presentará en cada estado.

Currently, a wireless "small" cell tower installation must go through the City Planning Commissioners and City Council, with public hearings. This process could take a year or more with local opposition and this means more money for Telecom. Two new California bills would remove this process. They would, if passed, enact an egregious corporate takeover of the public commons, allowing installation on telephone poles and light poles without a city official approval process. For people who have homes across the street (or on the same side of the sidewalk) from where these small cells are installed, this has meant that they had to move within days or weeks to protect their health.

Telecom has introduced bills in BOTH houses to remove local control. Deadline for comment abril 8 and abril 14.

Please take a moment to watch this important news story.

El proyecto de ley del Senado otorga a Telecom el control de todos los postes públicos, y el proyecto de ley de la Asamblea elimina literalmente la supervisión "municipal" de las antenas de la constitución estatal.

See flyer for SB 556 here.

Necesitamos que los elegidos locales se opongan antes abril 8 y 15. La oposición debe presentarse a través del portal legislativo. Vaya a los sitios web de los comités y establezca una cuenta y una contraseña para cargar su oposición.

See flyer for AB 537.

¿Cuál es la solución?

The Federal Infrastructure bill includes funding for broadband, but there is a preference for wired fiber optic to and into the premises because it is easier to upgrade (future!), more reliable (in weather storms and FIRES), it is MUCH more energy-efficient, more cyber secure, faster and with better voice quality, safer. If set up as a municipal utility (even partnering with private companies), it can make money for the city or county and the municipality can subsidize low-income residents.  If Telecom puts an antenna on every pole and municipalities are removed from their constitutional role, we will never bridge the digital divide and never have wired internet.

Firefighters don't want cell towers - why should you?

Watch this great news story on SB 649 

California residents, TAKE ACTION TODAY!

AB 537 Quirk (D) comment deadline abril 8, at 5 pm and hearing on abril 14 Ass Loc Gov

¡Debe mirar versiones anteriores para ver que el control municipal se elimina de la constitución!

SB 556 Dodd (D) comment deadline abril 14, at 5 pm and hearing on abril 19 Sen Energy Util Communications.

The League of CA Cities has taken a position on SB 556 -- Hopefully, they will oppose AB 537 too.

Please see the sample (but use your own words as much as possible)

SB 556 Ejemplo de carta de oposición de la ciudad

If you are not in California, contact your City Commissioner and impress upon them the importance of maintaining local jurisdiction of the installation of small cell towers. Without this control, small cell towers could go up on every street lamp, telephone pole, or building near your home.


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¡GRACIAS por actuar por el bien de TODOS los residentes y la vida silvestre en California!

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