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Peticiones de comida rápida

Como consumidores podemos hacer más que simplemente consumir: podemos CREAR el mercado que queremos con nuestro poder adquisitivo.

Do you think millions of America should be regularly poisoned with glyphosate, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals every day simply because they want a fast and affordable meal? Join us in asking Panera Bread, Sonic, In-N-Out, Subway and more to source food ingredients that are not dried with the toxic, neurological-damaging, carcinogenic agent, glyphosate and are free of toxic heavy metals and veterinary drugs. - as our testing reveals they currently are! Signing our petitions below makes your voice heard on this critical issue! Together, we can change the food supply in a big way.

Moms Across America will collect all signatures and present them in an open letter to each fast food board of Directors and CEO, so add your name today to make a difference in the health of our nation!

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  • Landon Figg
    comentado 2023-11-21 15:36:34 -0500
    Our children’s lives are worth more! Choose to do the right thing and stop buying foods made with crops sprayed with glyphosate.
  • Cynthia Borders
    comentado 2023-11-21 11:25:24 -0500
    Corporations stop poisoning our Children with harmful toxics in food!!Thank you for this petition!
  • Amado Vela
    comentado 2023-11-21 03:50:04 -0500
    Thank you for making it easy to sign
  • Vicky Adams
    comentado 2023-11-20 18:48:15 -0500
    Working in a school and seeing the nutritionally poor breakfast and lunches being served. The food packs sent home weekly are also nutritionally deficit! No wonder children have such a difficult time learning.
  • William Michael O’Donnell
    comentado 2023-11-20 14:07:10 -0500
    They want us to die. They want us to buy before we die. They want us chronically sick so they can profit from treating our sickness which they create and they will never allow cures. Look at our American history of genocide against our Native American brothers and sisters. Now, look at what israel is doing! Please wake up and tell Biden, and tell both parties/factions too, to STOP THE INCESSANT MURDERS! It is NOT JUST THE POISONOUS FOOD! May GOD bless us despite our sins. Can you see? We must REPENT and sin no more.
  • Gustavo Fleitas
    comentado 2023-11-20 13:42:09 -0500
    Sigamos hasta q todo este libre de quimicos
  • Jessica Singh
    comentado 2023-11-20 12:13:40 -0500
    We will no longer be supplying these corporations with our dollars ANYMORE until this is changed. Adhere now, or see what happens.. Little hint… Bankruptcy.
  • Lindsey Loyd
    comentado 2023-11-20 04:51:58 -0500
    These laws need to change
  • Heidi Saufferer
    comentado 2023-11-19 15:05:54 -0500
    We need healthy nutritional food! Get the toxins out and nutrients in!
  • Jody Glover
    comentado 2023-11-19 10:56:44 -0500
    I am for cleaning up our foods and health of humanity and the health of our kids. Say no to GMOs and the sprays that are hurting our society and country. I say YES to clean foods.
  • Kathryn Archer Archer
    comentado 2023-11-17 23:35:52 -0500
    Thanks for all you doing to make companies accountable for their products!
  • Karen Henshaw
    comentado 2023-11-17 21:24:26 -0500
    Our kids and families deserve healthy, safe, and REAL food. Food-like substances are not acceptable and likely are a contributing factor to the decline in the health of Americans.

    Having visited Europe a few times in the past year, I am very envious of their quality of food. Even “junk food” there is made with real ingredients.
  • Sean Patrick
    comentado 2023-11-17 16:17:45 -0500
    Please get these food chains to have better quality control with their suppliers.

    I have been avoiding fast food for over 2 years because of their ingredients.
  • Mariela Petkova
    comentado 2023-11-16 22:54:06 -0500
    I am very conscious of what I eat and want to positively influence my family . I grow some vegetables , make vegetable spread, pickle others . I want to be able to trust local gardeners, organicly labeled foods , but don’t know how reliable the claims are. I recently read about Glyphosate in magazine dedicated entirely on the effects of this toxin , made me very worried and rightfully so . I am glad that more people are waking up and stop listening to the lies we are fed with .
  • Misty Hill
    comentado 2023-11-16 22:22:09 -0500
    Europe has the highest regulations for food, products, and chemicals. Why can’t America have the same regulations?
  • Gina Mitchell
    comentado 2023-11-16 22:19:05 -0500
    I am very careful of the ingredients I allow in my body. It’s a sin that we have to fight to not have poison in our food that is suppose to nourish us.
  • Tina Stickle-Ries
    comentado 2023-11-16 17:43:23 -0500
    I have always read labels and eat as clean as I can. It’s getting harder and harder to find non toxic foods to even pack in my 15 yr olds lunch. It’s really sickening the horrible things that are being added to the food!!! Toxic, disgusting ingredients “bioengineered” food is now in everything and it needs to stop! My hope is that we the people can somehow make a positive impact for a BIG change to our food. Make foods with simple ingredients and no toxic, harmful chemicals added to it. I’ve stopped buying all of my usual foods and have switched to completely unbrand, organic if I can find it We don’t eat any fast food at all now. No treats hardly ever anymore either😕
  • Lisa moore
    comentado 2023-11-16 16:28:31 -0500
    I am a Registered Dietitian and have worked with people of every economic level and very few people know how toxic our food supply is and what the manifestations are. We are what we eat and we are eating toxins and garbage because of the government and greedy corporations. Enough is enough! We the people demand clean healthy food, our very future depends upon it! Many lower economic families rely on fast food for food; we as a nation demand change to organic healthy food NOW!
  • Nikki McCutchen
    comentado 2023-11-16 16:22:34 -0500
    Eat real food
  • Gretchen Jones
    comentado 2023-11-16 14:45:11 -0500
    My son works at a fast food place and he can tell you firsthand how terrible the food is and they give all their employees a free meal. Every time he works and because he’s a kid he eats the free meal and he has put on so much weight because of this He says he never wants to eat fast food again but because he works there he continues to do it.
  • Sherry Ford
    comentado 2023-11-16 14:18:25 -0500
    If we all stop eating their food they’ll have no choice but to change their ingredients or go out of business. To start maybe a tech savvy person could organize a one day boycott of all fast food restaurants across America, I think that would get fast food CEO’s attention
  • Lorena Obledo
    comentado 2023-11-16 13:16:45 -0500
    Stop with toxic food repent Jesus is coming soon
  • Tiffany Dulaney
    followed this page 2023-11-16 10:20:53 -0500
  • Kelli Donovan
    comentado 2023-11-16 08:35:53 -0500
    Signed & shared! Eat real food!
  • Liliam Gonzalez
    comentado 2023-11-16 08:21:10 -0500
    STOP POISONING ALL. It’s everything, food, skincare, household cleaning, cookware, fabric, and specially pharmaceutical, everywhere!!!
  • Karen Tanner
    comentado 2023-11-16 08:20:24 -0500
    I would consider myself a “health nut” so I normally don’t eat fast food (and haven’t for 25 years) but occasionally when I was living in California and was with someone who wanted fast food, I would steer them to In-N-Out Burger because I believed is was the “lesser evil”. Even though I knew that fast food was not a healthy choice, I am distressed by HOW UNHEALTHY it really is. I have loved ones who eat fast food on occasion. I know people who eat fast food out of necessity because it is the cheapest option out there. Now we know why it is cheaper. There are no nutrients to speak of and there are ingredients that I wouldn’t feed to my dog. It’s time for fast food to get healthy or get out of the market. The FDA is responsible for monitoring food, and they have done a lousy job. There standards are too low, and fast food doesn’t even meet those standards. It’s time for a change and I hope that consumers will vote with their feet.
  • Meghan Kurzac
    comentado 2023-11-16 07:20:30 -0500
    Please consider this request to reduce or eliminate toxins from our favorite fast food restaurants.
  • Jaimie Spies
    comentado 2023-11-16 01:31:50 -0500
    Do better than worry about profit and killing Americans!! I’m done with you all!! Protest against the greed and deceitful practices!
  • Cinda Mock
    comentado 2023-11-15 23:28:15 -0500
    Stop trying to killl us with the poison added in foods. I don’t know why human beings are allowing this to go into foods. It is a disgrace.
  • Gina Mitchell
    comentado 2023-11-15 21:17:00 -0500
    We should not have to worry about if the food we eat is poisoning us.

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