Burger King/Starbucks Petition

Burger King/Starbucks Petition

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Dear CEO and Board of Directors of Burger King and Starbucks:

Moms Across America, a nationwide non-profit, initiated an extensive, independent testing program on the top twenty fast food brands in America, including Burger King and Starbucks. Forty-two samples (a statistically significant number) of 21 brands were tested for toxic heavy metals and agro chemicals.

Los resultados:

Burger King Impossible brand burger and Starbucks Impossible brand sausage breakfast sandwich had nearly twice the levels of glyphosate as meat counterparts. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world and it is a carcinogen (cancer-causing) anti-nutrient (one that binds to essential vitamins and minerals).

In past testing (2019) of Impossible Foods, Moms Across America showed that Impossible Foods burger contained high levels of glyphosate. Why? Because glyphosate is copiously sprayed on GMO soy (used in Impossible foods) as a weed killer and as a drying agent. GMO soy is a main ingredient in the Impossible Foods burger. The main ingredient of the Beyond Meat burger is non GMO peas. The Impossible Foods fake meat is being marketed as “good for you,” when in fact 11 parts per billion (ppb) of glyphosate herbicide consumption can be highly dangerous in a serving. Only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to alter the gene function of over 4000 genes in the livers, kidneys and cause severe organ damage in rats.

We at Moms Across America are gravely concerned that consumers are being misled to believe the Burger King Impossible Burger and Starbuck’s Impossible Sausage Breakfast Sandwich are a better option than meat or possibly even more healthy, and we implore you to stop using these products. Clearly have nearly 2-11 times the amount of glyphosate as meat or vegetarian counterparts is not healthier, and not even remotely safe.

In addition to the glyphosate contaminant acting as a nutrient chelator (binding essential vitamins and minerals), fewer nutrients found in the plant proteins used to create meat alternatives, such as soybeans, are less accessible by human cells compared to real animal proteins, revealed a julio 2022 study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

Consumers who buy “plant-based” proteins typically cite health and nutrition as one of the top considerations for consumption, however recent research has debunked many of the segment’s nutrition claims.

In our most recent fast food testing project, Burger King samples, including two Quarter Pounders and 3 Impossible Burgers, contained 71.13 ppb of glyphosate per serving and, consistent with our 2019 findings, the Impossible Burger had approximately twice as much glyphosate as the Quarter Pounder (with real beef).

The Starbucks Impossible breakfast sandwiches contained 83.65 ppb of glyphosate. Again, the product with Impossible brand soy had approximately double the glyphosate than the Starbucks sample without it.

The Impossible Burger’s GMO soy has been shown to cause organ damage in animal studies and has been shown to be significantly different from non-GMO soy. The GM ingredients of the Impossible Burger, which includes a genetically modified yeast and GM soy leghemoglobin proteins, 46 of which are undisclosed and untested, are even more concerning to many consumers than the long-term health effects from glyphosate because of the reported immediate allergic reaction potential, which is acknowledged by the manufacturer. The part of the genetically modified soy used in the Impossible Burger has never before been allowed in the human food supply and has not been properly safety tested.

Although the leghemoglobin soy is claimed to be “identical to soy heme which has been consumed for thousands of years”, the following question posed by Consumers Report’s Michael Hansen has never been answered: “How could the heme in the Impossible Burger be 'identical' to the heme humans have been consuming for hundreds of thousands of years in meat and other foods if you genetically engineered it?”

Glyphosate herbicides have not only been proven to be carcinogenic, but they are also neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, cause DNA damage and liver disease at ultra-low levels, lower than what was found in the Impossible Burger and Impossible Sausage.

Moms Across America requests that Burger King and Starbucks take these results very seriously and make immediate changes to its sourcing of ingredients.

You can make a difference in the abysmal health of our nation. Here’s how: We request that Burger King and Starbucks alert its suppliers that it will be transitioning to sources who do not use glyphosate or any other toxic agrochemicals. Given the great resources you have as corporations, we think that regular third party testing for these toxins in order to have your business, is appropriate and expected. This is essential for basic human health at any level of consumption of your food. Consider an organic black bean burger for a vegetarian alternative.

Be the brand that cares about your customers and our nation's future!


Mamás en toda América



Por qué probamos la comida rápida:

La comida rápida es consumida por ochenta y cinco millones de estadounidenses cada día, y muchas cadenas son a menudo los proveedores de almuerzos escolares. Treinta millones de comidas escolares se sirven a nuestros niños todos los días, y para millones de niños desfavorecidos, estas comidas tóxicas son su único acceso a la nutrición. Nuestras pruebas anteriores ha demostrado que los almuerzos escolares de Estados Unidos son realmente tóxicos.

Para investigar más a fondo el estado de una fuente importante de alimentos y nutrición en Estados Unidos, Mamás de toda América partidarios, incluyendo Defensa de la salud infantil, el Academia Centner, y muchos partidarios individuales, iniciaron recientemente pruebas exhaustivas centradas específicamente en las cadenas de comida rápida más populares de Estados Unidos para explorar la posible contaminación de nuestro suministro de alimentos, que probablemente esté afectando nuestra salud física y mental.

Para más información consulte el informe completo aquí.

Contacto Zen Honeycutt [correo electrónico protegido]

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