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Does Zika Cause Birth Defects?


zika-virus-copy.jpgWhile traveling last week to the Monsanto Tribunal, I was deeply disturbed to see a large sign at the security checkpoint in an international airport declaring "Zika Causes Birth Defects." The sign warned pregnant women to avoid areas where they could get bitten by mosquitoes. Although I am a huge fan of precaution and appreciate the warning for all, I am more concerned with the influence of chemical companies to create hype and create fear which permits the use of toxic chemicals. The fear around the Zika Virus microcephaly birth defects has been useful to get the US government to approve 1.8 billion dollars in taxpayer funds to go towards Big Pharma vaccines and Big Chem aerial spraying of neurotoxins over our homes, schools, waterways, gardens, playgrounds, and parks. The toxins which have been shown to be in vaccines and aerial sprays are much more concerning to us than the cold-like symptoms of the Zika Virus. Tens of thousands of women in other countries have had the Zika virus while pregnant and did not have babies with birth defects. In fact, research has shown that it is likely the spraying of larvicides (pesticides) that contaminated the water in Argentina, which are more likely to be the cause of the microcephaly birth defects. So, as a person who has been intensely aware of the chemical company shenanigans, I was very glad to post this guest blog by Ian Trottier regarding the evidence around the Zika Virus not being the cause of brain deformities. Please read, follow the money, question the motives of Big Chem, and share this info.


In regards to the ZIKA epidemic, the findings at (Citizens Against Naled), completely debunk the following statement: 
" ... the CDC has concluded, that Zika does cause microcephaly. … There is still a lot that we don’t know, but there’s no longer any doubt." CDC director Tom Frieden, MD
Publications on this site show there to be ZERO correlation that ZIKA is the direct cause of microcephaly. That being, without taking into consideration immunotoxic elements of one's environment (ie: exposure to an insecticide spray).  The website sources articles from the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, PubMed, EPA, CDC, and others. Additionally, site developer, Ian Hamilton Trottier,  has conversed with experts at Lancaster University in the UK and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  That includes experts based in the US. 
Dr. Michael Diamond of Washington University in St Louis is essentially quoted as saying there is nothing that suggests detection of ZIKA as being the actual cause of MICROCEPHALY in the subjects he's studied. Dr Diamond recently published a review that links ZIKA to being present in tear ducts.  Furthermore, Diamond's quote correlates to what professor John McNeill of Georgetown University told Trottier.  John was unable to provide Ian with any science that directly linked ZIKA as the cause of microcephaly - again, that excluding any environmental immunotoxic agents (ie: insecticides).  McNeill is also a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service. 
Brazil is buying more of these pesticides than we are in the US.  And from what is understood,  the areas that have higher percentages of microcephaly cases are coming from poorer neighborhoods. Homes that have improper protection and ventilation - thus conditions more susceptible to gas/insecticide exposure. One of the main chemicals being bought by Brazilian governments is a Sumutomo Chemical called pyriproxyfen.  In Miami Naled that's being sprayed. An Amvac product. Amvac is based in Los Angeles and is nothing more than an abbreviation of American Vanguard Chemical Corp - basically a Dutch bank: Royal Shell Petroleum. Sumutomo is owned by a Walnut Creek, CA company called Valent. Valent is basically a Chevron company.  There is also a Monsanto link. Know that Chevron Chemical first introduced Naled in a product called Dibrom. 1956. Dibrom had 4 parts Naled in it and 4 parts tetraethyl - amongst other chemicals. Here's an alarming fact (according to Trottier). From research via Antony Sutton (University of Southampton), Stanford Hoover Institute Fellow and former professor at Cal State University, Los Angeles - tetraethyl was a lead component of gasoline that, by design, was the only gasoline Nazi warplanes could run on. Three companies had that patent (on tetraethyl gasoline): Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon), General Motors, and DuPont. All US companies. All tied to JD Rockefeller. Therefore, American companies fueled the Nazi air strikes on France and London. Standard Oil of California became known as Chevron - from research published by the University of California Berkeley - the Rockefeller Foundation was the largest shareholder of this company. 
Scott Capital Partners - an investment firm owned by Florida governed Rick Scott - holds a very large stake in two companies of interest: Louisiana-based Mosquito Control Services LLC and Pharmaca. The insecticide company has jurisdiction over all Southern States that include Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.
When reviewing Trottier's site, the following are important items to focus on:
  1. Understanding immunotoxicology or chemicals that are Immuno-toxic. This is the science of how chemicals can damage or weaken the immune system. Our immune system is basically trillions of microscopic white blood cells in our blood.  This area of science is of great concern because many chemicals are being found to weaken the immune system at common levels found around us. When the immune system is weakened then viruses and cancer grow faster.  If they grow faster than the body can eliminate them we have the potential for serious illness or death.

  2. Developmental Neurotoxicology - This is the science of how chemicals can cause subtle changes in brain function and typically applies to brain damage to the child during pregnancy and during childhood.  Examples include increased rates of autism - learning disabilities - loss of talent - behavior disorders - reduced personality - etc. Even the loss of 10 points in IQ has been documented from pesticide and chemical exposure.  Of great concern is how chemicals exposed during the brain growth spurt during early pregnancy can cause considerable more damage to the brain than if the exposure occurred later in pregnancy.  The human brain grows at 4,000 cells per second beginning the 4th week of pregnancy.

  3. Children Have Low Levels of a Liver Enzyme Called Paraoxonase. - We are very concerned about the current findings showing that children are harmed much more by chemicals than adults. We now have new research showing why this happens. Children under age 7 have lower levels of a critical enzyme that literally floats in the blood and detoxifies organophosphate pesticides such as naledIt is basically a vacuum cleaner for pesticides.  Research now shows that babies have very little of this important enzyme and children at age 2 only have a little more and it increases to adult levels by age 8.  This means that pesticides will remain in children for longer times - having more time to damage their brain and health.  The consequences for the future of society is tremendous - as it means more health problems for children - more medical care - and less productivity - and less talent for contributing to society.

    In fact, mothers with lower levels of this Paraoxonase enzyme (they call it PON1 for short) and who were also exposed to pesticides had children with (YES) smaller head circumference - not microcephaly but just a smaller head. See this at partner site  -

  4. WHAT THE BIGGEST GLOBAL CONCERN IS - Without question - is that although there is a massive amount of research on these topics, they do not reach the public through conventional media.  Since opinions are formed from what people read and see on TV this is of great concern,  as they are not "hearing" the entire truth. Politics and corporate pressures are some of the reasons.  This is why it is critical we begin an advertising campaign that addresses this lack of public knowledge by putting out the research and convey it to the public in a manner that is easily understood.  Only then can minds be changed and better decisions be made for society and children. 
What to know for our families: Essentially once these chemicals enter the bloodstream, regardless of age, there is damage. These chemicals attack the acetylcholinesterase in the human brain and kill the ability to complete, expand, develop, and process thought. Exposure to these chemicals can cause the onset of diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, seizures, and many other ailments - all ages. Diabetes is common in young children. 
US Congress recently passed a $1.1 BILLION bill funding the further campaign on the "ZIKA Epidemic". hopes to launch a parallel campaign called  If you would like to contribute to their effort please contact them immediately. 

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