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Mayan Beekeeper Helps Farmers Secure Historic Victory Against the Monsanto Corporation

We are so pleased to bring you this story of one woman’s big win against Monsanto in Mexico!

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by Nick Meyer | febrero 15, 2023

“I Can’t Believe This Little Woman Beat Us:” Mayan Beekeeper Helps Farmers Secure Historic Victory Against the Monsanto Corporation

In the United States, chemical companies like Bayer, now the owner of Monsanto, have become ubiquitous across the farming landscape, as over 90% of soybeans are now genetically modified to take in enormous sprayings of toxic pesticides.

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Biotech Babies

By Michelle Perro, MD

Infertility, surrogacy, changing family structures, low milk production, inhospitable and toxic environments, stress, and a myriad of other factors are impacting breastfeeding babies. From the perspective of the baby biota, moms are the microbial stewardesses, passing on the collection of microorganisms that will direct much of the baby’s biology, and in particular, their immunological future. Vaginal births and breastfeeding ensure the inheritance of moms’ microbial wisdom to be passed onto the infant.

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Is Receiving Tainted Blood From COVID-19 Vaccination or Infection an Irrational Fear?

Article by Janey Bibolet Ward - A Voice for Choice Advocacy

Examining blood donation and recipient options for the unvaccinated medical freedom community is new territory; now highlighted post-COVID-19 pandemic mayhem. This concerned population also includes vaccinated folks who opted out of recent mRNA injections due to lack of proper testing, mistrust in the medical and/or political systems, medical reasons, and personal or religious beliefs. Investigating this issue is indeed a worthwhile endeavor.

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Sudden Collapses in National Sports Gain Awareness

Even if you are not a sports fan, you have probably heard about the sudden collapse of football player Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills Monday night. Millions were watching the game and were horrified to learn that he went into cardiac arrest after making a tackle and remains in critical condition. What they did not learn immediately was whether or not he got the COVID-19 vaccine and if his symptoms were related.

While we don’t know if Hamlin’s cardiac arrest was caused by the COVID vaccine, we believe there’s enough evidence to at least ask the question and that the public deserves to know the answer, especially since so many in the United States and around the world have been mandated to get multiple Covid vaccines in order to keep their jobs.

Apparently, a person’s vaccination status is a required disclosure for their occupation and, at times to get into a theater or school, but not to determine the cause of serious harm or death, despite the obvious alarming increase of athletes collapsing and/or dying on the field or shortly thereafter. We believe this is morally and ethically wrong.

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Impossible Burger: Got Glyphosate?

Article by Carol Grieve', Integridad alimentaria ahora

The company, Impossible Foods, is growing exponentially. Many are familiar with their Impossible Burger but they also make “fake” chicken, pork, sausage, and meatballs. You see these products in grocery stores, at Burger King, White Castle, Starbucks, and many restaurants. The company has an illustrious marketing campaign and lots of investors, including Bill Gates, who has invested over $75 Million in Impossible Foods. So what is the problem? There are several! For one, the protein in these products is made from genetically engineered soy which is Roundup-ready. This soy is engineered to withstand sprays of herbicide, especially Roundup. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup and has been shown to wreak havoc with human health and the environment. Another huge problem is their “heme” as it is called, or hemoglobin. This heme is what makes the impossible burger “bleed” and looks like blood that you would find in real meat. How did they do this? There is a small amount of hemoglobin at the roots of the soy plant and they take the genetics for that and put it in a yeast, that no human had ever consumed and then use synthetic biology to make the yeast to make the bleedy stuff!

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New Study: Mothers Transfer Genes via Gut Microbiome

A new study, by senior study author Ramnik Xavier of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard on the maternal human microbiome, provides support for what we have been saying for a decade; "Pregnant mothers need to eat organic food!"

Evidence of horizontal gene transfer between human maternal microbiome and infant gut microbiome

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

Researchers have discovered a new mode of vertical mother-to-infant microbiome transmission, where microbes in the maternal gut shared genes with microbes in the infant gut during the perinatal period starting immediately before birth and extending through the first few weeks after birth. This horizontal gene transfer allowed maternal microbial strains to influence the functional capacity of the infant microbiome, in the absence of persistent transmission of the microbial strains themselves.

Such a large-scale integrative analysis, presented diciembre 22 in the journal Cell, provides a series of high-resolution snapshots of gut colonization dynamics that influence infant development both before and after birth.

"This is the first study to describe the transfer of mobile genetic elements between maternal and infant microbiomes," says senior study author Ramnik Xavier of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. "Our study also, for the first time, integrated  and metabolomic profiles from both mothers and infants and discovered links between gut metabolites, bacteria and breastmilk substrates. This investigation represents a  into the co-development of infant gut microbiomes and metabolomes under the influence of known maternal and dietary factors."

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Pilot Speaks Out About On-Flight Vaccine Injury

Moms Across America is committed to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. Every day our network is a part of educational outreach to millions across the nation and around the world to improve the health of our local and national communities. 

The pilot community is directly responsible for the safety of over three million passengers a day in the United States. Their health is particularly important. Our loved ones are coming home for the holidays this week and next week. We expect them to arrive safely.

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Dr. William Davis: Reclaiming Lost Microbes and Youthfulness

Article by Carol Grieve', Food Integrity Now

I spoke with Dr. William Davis today, bestselling author of the Wheat Belly books, Undoctored and Super Gut, about reclaiming lost microbes and youthfulness. What does this mean? Let’s dig in further.

As we learned from my last interview with Dr. Davis on his book Super Gut, there are beneficial bacteria that our grandparents and ancestors had in their microbiomes that most of us do not have! Why is that? It is mostly because of the overuse of antibiotics that kill off pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacteria, and due to the extensive amount of environmental toxins we encounter every day. The problem is that when certain stains are killed off, they’re gone. Herein lies the problem. These strains were highly essential for having things like deep restful sleep, restoration of youthful muscle and strength, increased collagen and moisture in our skin, increased libido, preservation of bone density, and even creating deeper levels of empathy and love.

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Increasing Concerns About Flying

I was invited to travel recently and fly cross-country for two work events. I used to love to travel, but the idea of being stuck in a metal container with intense Wifi bouncing around for hours, with hundreds of people, many of them potentially sick, has me very selective regarding my agreements. An additional concern was then added from a conversation at a dinner party. The subject of flying came up with the President of the US Freedom Flyers. An American Airlines pilot, 37-year-old Josh Yoder, informed me that the rates of disability in pilots at American Airlines increased 300% during the first six months of 2022.

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El virus y el huésped

Artículo y entrevista de Carol Grieve de Integridad alimentaria ahora

We live in a time when it has never been more important to have a healthy immune system. Certainly, the last 2-1/2 years have taught us this. There will undoubtedly be more pandemics in the future. Did anyone notice that not one single major public health official took the step to tell us what we most needed to hear that robust good health is our best defense against infectious disease? Today, I spoke with Dr. Chris Chlebowski, author of El virus y el huésped, his new book which shows us how to take control of our health and decrease susceptibility to infectious viral disease before it strikes.

en The Virus and the Host, protect yourself from infectious disease by reducing toxicity, improving immunity, and minimizing chronic illness, Dr. Chlebowski offers practical and understandable information on viruses, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and fungi and what each of those pathogens is and what they are not. He shares how viruses are different and what we are still learning about them. He also talks about some of the major toxins that wreak havoc on our immune system. He shares how chronic disease interacts and can predispose us to poor outcomes from acute viral infections, like Covid 19.

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