OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - 8oz
OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - 8oz
OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - 8oz
OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - 8oz

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - 8oz

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Moms Across America Gold Standard verified with 3 Stars
This means that we have ensured that the product is batch tested to be pesticide-free including glyphosate and that no synthetic biology, flavors, or colors were used in the manufacturing of this product.
The Importance of Minerals
Our bodies are made up of a complex of over 70+ minerals as a mirror image of ocean water. All of the minerals work synergistically together contributing to our whole health, and each one in its infinitesimal proportions contributes vitally to every aspect of our physiology.
The real function of full-spectrum minerals present in our bodies is to activate the nutrients of all of our food and supplement intakes thus becoming absorbable and bio-available- and to transfer all of those nutrients directly into our cells. This is of massive importance for our health because now with broad-spectrum minerals we can gain all of the power, energy, and nutrition from our foods and truly get nourished. Unfortunately, many mined and mono element minerals currently available such as magnesium citrate and chloride are incomplete from their whole family of trace minerals and cannot contribute to the whole metabolic processes. Additionally, whole profile minerals are essential in producing over 300 natural enzyme productions in your body and essential in over 2,000 physiological functions.
Complete Minerals and your Immune Power
Of particular note given their actual function in the body, full-spectrum minerals significantly support, expand, and strengthen our immune systems. With such systemic vitality and strength, we can achieve immunity and high resistance to viruses naturally because our bodies are vibrantly healthy with all systems moving and activated, This is called natural immunity as we are natively designed for and given the ability to have complete balanced minerals in our bodies. All viruses race around the world at rapid speed, and this includes Sars, Noro, influenza A, and the current covid, and as strong as some are a properly nourished body is a powerful necessary asset.
Minerals and Cancer
Whole minerals accelerate the vitality of our internal organ functions, the nourishment of cells, and the creation of the ATP energy for all that we do through electrolytes. It's important to understand that naturally the stronger the body the more resistant it will be to the development of viruses and cancer is basically a virus. As Ben Franklin once said accurately, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we provide proper nourishment especially with the essentials ionic magnesium and all the related trace, it makes sense that the body keeps continually renewing, rebuilding and can maintain strong immunity.
Whole Minerals and Constipation
There's actually nothing more effective and better than the pure magnesium inherent in full-spectrum ocean minerals to relieve constipation. Pure magnesium balances the electrolytes between the body plasma and all the cells, alkalizing the entire body, and naturally drawing water into the large intestine regulating constipation easily. Not only that, but whole minerals also repair and rebuild the villi of the small intestine increasing absorption, and the walls of the large intestine because all the minerals are there. Wherever they are they nourish, activate, and rebuild as designed by nature with our deep connections to the oceans. MM
The human body requires substantial levels of minerals for the extraction and metabolism of nutrients. Yet our food supply no longer contains the minerals levels we need to successfully cope with daily life. We are at a deprivation point.  
That is why we offer OmniBlue. It's a complete mineral replenishment system with all the minerals at concentrations appropriate for the body´s daily functions. 
OmniBlue is solar harvested with 98% of the salt crystallizing out of solution, leaving a 100 times concentration ocean essence. OmniBlue per teaspoon serving  (5/ml) contains 440 mg pure magnesium, 70 mg potassium, and over 70 other synergistically balanced trace elements.
Each 8 oz bottle contains 48 doses at 1 tsp/day and 30 doses at 1.5tsp/ per day. Bottled in environmentally-friendly and recyclable cobalt blue BPA-free PET material in GMP certified lab facilities.
100% Certified, pure, and naturally harvested ocean electrolytes as naturally occurring macro and trace minerals. 

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