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Non-Toxic Solutions

Just because they make it for a baby doesn't mean it is safe for a baby.

Just because they make it for a baby doesn't mean you need it!

Babies are much more susceptible to toxins (they absorb 40-70% more than adults), so making sure they are using the cleanest products will drastically decrease their toxic burden and improve health.


PFOS/PFOA in products and avoid phthalates that disrupt male hormones especially.

Plastics - don't risk it. As much as possible, avoid plastic. They seep endocrine-disrupting chemicals into the food or body care product.

Synthetic chemicals in the baby wash, baby lotion, and baby creams (keep in mind organic olive oil or coconut oil has been used for generations for skin).

Heavy metals - lead and mercury can be found in vintage dishware, old toys, paint, cavity fillings, mercury thermometers, food, fish, and plastics.


Note: this list is in progress. Come back often. We will be adding more!

Check out an extensive Non Toxic Nursery Items list here.

*Note: These products are not listed because Moms Across America has been paid a marketing fee. These products are listed because our moms recommended them. If in the future any of these companies donate to or sponsor Moms Across America, that would not be because we continue to list them. It would only be because they support our work.

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