EPA Speech World Food Day by Zen Honeycutt octubre 16, 2015 - Moms Across America

EPA Speech World Food Day by Zen Honeycutt octubre 16, 2015


EPA Rally Oct. 16th 2015 World Food Day.

We are here on World Food Day because the EPA is not protecting us.

Directly from the EPA’s website, “Born in the wake of elevated concern about environmental pollution, (meaning Rachel Carson’s Book Silent Spring) the EPA was established on diciembre 2, 1970 to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection.  Since its inception, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people.

Really?  We appreciate that 65 chemical have been banned or restricted in the past 45 years.  But let’s look at the reality of what the EPA is doing.  That’s 65 out of 80,000 chemicals.That is .008125% of the chemicals have been restricted.  That means you can pretty much produce any kind of chemical you want and have a 99.999% chance of being able to use it 
almost where ever you want, even on food.  800 of these chemicals are acknowledged endocrine disruptors which are allowed on our food, household products or environment.  This means they are knowingly allowing our fetuses, babies, children and citizens to be impacted by sex hormone changing chemical which alter our mood, behavior, gut brain connection, 
reproductive organs, liver and kidney and overall health.  They are KNOWINGLY harming us.  I don’t call that protection, I call that POISONING.A 99.999% chance of approval and impunity is about as close to a 0% accountability that you 
can get.  If you had a 99.999% chance of getting away with whatever you wanted you would probably do a whole lot more things that are harmful for yourself...it’s human nature.  That’s why we have regulatory agencies.  But if a regulatory agency is not doing it’s job, it should not be paid.

In the traditional Chinese Culture the village doctor received a stipend from every household to care for their family.  However, when a family was sick, the doctor did not receive his stipend.  If he didn’t do his job in keeping them well, he didn’t get paid.  Could you imagine?  That’s not the way it is here in the USA however...the very same chemical companies that are 
lobbying our EPA right now to raise the levels of toxic chemicals allowed on our food and reapprove them for another 15 years, such as glyphosate, are the very same chemical companies that also benefit of the effects of their harm.  Did you know that Dupont, which uses glyphosate and 2,4D in their latest herbicide Enlist DUO  also owns the largest probiotics supplier in the world?  Dinesco?  So they make us sick and then they profit from making us “better”.  did you know Syngenta is the largest pesticide producer in the world and they also sell hundreds of pharmaceuticals through their sister company Astra Zenica that treat the exact symptoms of those chemicals?  Why do you think Monsanto wanted to merge with them?  They 
need a perfect profit circle too.

Most of the 65 chemicals banned or restricted had effects of and all had more than one of the following, and keep in mind they had these effects for 30 years before they were restricted.

Health Hazards

DDT Recognized:  

  • Carcinogen Developmental Toxicant Reproductive Toxicant
  • Suspected: Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicant Endocrine Toxicant
  • Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicant Immunotoxicant Kidney Toxicant
  • Neurotoxicant Respiratory Toxicant Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant

These are the exact same effects as Glyphosate!  All = sickness and death!

For the past twenty years they have allowed Glyphosate to be sprayed directly on our food, and it’s being found in our water, air, rain, streams, honey, bread, urine, cereal, breast milk, Pediasure, and the feeding tube liquid given to children with cancer!  Our children have leaky gut, holes in their stomachs because of the chemicals allowed in our food by the people in this building!

Farmer Howard Vlieger says that in the future we will look back and see that the effects Glyphosate will make DDT look like mouthwash.  This is terrifying.  DDT is still being found in the earth 30 years later in earthworms, killing birds.

The EPA is allowing 800 endocrine disruptors in our food/body products/environment, fluoride in our water, known neurotoxins to poison our children.  this is not what the EPA set out to do.

The toxic burden on our children is poisoning them and compromising our children and the future of our country.

  • 1 out of  2 children in America has a chronic illness like autism, allergies, auto immune disease, asthma, diabetes or obesity.  Raise your hand if you have a loved one in your family with one of those illnesses.  Raise two hands if more than one.

  • 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women are expected to get cancer.  Raise your hand if you have a loved one in your family with cancer.

  • 57.7 million American have mental illness.  That’s one out of 5.  That includes our loved ones, neighbors, politicians, police and co pilots.  Raise your hand if someone in your life has mental illness.

  • We have the highest rate of infertility/sterility and miscarriages in recorded history, 30 % which exactly correlates with the results of a pig study in Denmark where pigs were fed grain sprayed with glyphosate at 2 ppm, at or below what is allowed on our food, and in repeated testing with 3000 pigs, the pigs had a 30% increase in miscarriages.Raise your hand if you or someone you love has had a miscarriage. 

The fact is if we do not put the welfare of our children first, before profit, we destroy our future. There will be no USA as a World Power...we already are losing that status.  You know what real power is?  When 100,000  people rose up in unity last weekend in Europe to stop corporate control and the TTIP.  

What is power?  When a mom, Tami Canal Monroe, organizes a global march from her computer and 2 million people march around the world. What is power?  When we speak up collectively and Monsanto’s stock drops 30% in less than a year!

What is power?  When a mom, Samantha T in Kentucky, marches in a 4th of July parade in the rain, by herself with her 18 month old toddler in a stroller holding a sign that says, “GMO= genetically modified organism in our food”  She got jeered, but she did it anyway and when I asked her why, she said, “Because I do what I said I would do.”  That is power.  

What if the EPA did what they said they would do?

We are here today because the EPA is acting as the Environmental Poison Agency.   The mission state on the EPA website says "The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment."  The EPA is not doing what they said they would do.

The Native American Museum right here in DC has a big, beautiful headdress with a plaque underneath it that says, “To this day the Native American Tribal leaders are elected by the mothers of their tribe.  They continue to hold this power to remove a leader based on lack of performance.”  Why is this?  It is because the community trusts that  a mother's commitment is 
in alignment with community’s best interest.  In modern day America we have set aside the wisdom of our women.  It is time for that to stop!  It is time for women to rise up and for men and women to work in unity to protect our children, our future.

We started Moms Across America not to exclude Dads or students, there are lots of groups that do include them, but to AMPLIFY the voice of the mom.  Moms buy 85% of the food, moms are the primary caretakers to doctors visits.  If the moms do not know about GMOs and glyphosate, we will lose, even when we get labeling, because they will still buy it, like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, and the food manufacturers will still sell it, and we won’t get legislators to agree to ban something that is in the majority of our food.

But if the moms know, we can turn the tide.  We can lower sales and reduce the toxic exposure to our communities.  And if the EPA hears us and does their job, then the moms who simply cannot afford organic will at least not have to worry about a carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, chelator and DNA mutagen being in their food.

We are turning the tide.  We have met with the EPA, after 10,000 women called the EPA in 3 days, had a 1 hour meeting that turned into 2 hours and eventually they did agree to test breast milk for glyphosate.  Apparently they are doing that now and will release their results when they announce their decision on whether or not to re-approve glyphosate for another 15 years this December.  We EXPECT THEM to revoke the license of glyphosate.  We know it’s not likely but it is the right thing to do.  It is what must be done.  Farmers have farmed for thousands of years without it, they are ingenious, they can farm even better organically.

We need to remind the EPA, one mom at a time, one child, one dad, one student, friend or teacher at a time, to DO THEIR JOB.

Ban glyphosate and all toxic chemicals!

So PLEASE pull out your phones right now and contact them.

Put their number in your phone and continue to call them at: (703)308-8187, and write to them at [email protected]

We MUST grow, buy, eat, and DEFEND organic food.  Right Now.  It is urgent.  this is the time that will be a turning point. Even a recent UN report stated that the only way to feed the world is with small organic farms.  Protect our future.  

We will not stop, we will not give up, because the love for our children will never end.

These are our children, our food, our country.  The future belongs to us.


Zen honeycutt

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