Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma
Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma
QuintEssential Minerals - 3.3 Strength - Moms Across America
Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma
Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma
QuintEssential Minerals - 3.3 Strength - Moms Across America

Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma

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75% of Americans are Dehydrated...

And you could be one of them. An astounding number of Americans go about their daily lives chronically dehydrated, and they may not even know it. The problem is so vast because it becomes difficult to tell when your body needs more water after you’ve already been dehydrated for so long. Since about ⅔ of your body weight is water, you can imagine how ongoing dehydration can quickly begin to cause serious problems. 

Simply put, dehydration makes you feel sick. 

Dehydration causes a whole load of problems like muscle cramps, headaches, lightheadedness, and sleepiness. When you’re not getting all the water you need, you might feel sluggish, experience muscle cramps, and even struggle to think clearly. However, the problem isn’t just about water intake. Even if you’re shooting for the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, your body needs one essential key to retain that hydration so you can function optimally.


This ultimate HYPERTONIC elixir contains up to 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements in a pure seawater solution of 3.3% salinity, which facilitates its passage into the cell for replenishment, remineralization, and rehydration of the body.  

Quinton Marine Plasma is the gold standard in pure seawater supplementation with more than 125 years of clinical evidence supporting its therapeutic and health supportive properties. Hypertonic specifically, provides a DAILY NUTRIENT boost to maintain energy, adrenal function, bone density, and electrolyte balance amid strenuous exertion. 

Quinton Minerals do not contain microplastics!

Microplastics can be found everywhere in the environment - especially the ocean. They are in all the food you eat, some of the water you may drink (if it's not Revers Osmosis), the air you breathe...etc. But, they are NOT present in QuintEssential Minerals!

The reason is that each batch is uniquely filtered to remove all microbes and pyrogen (it's sterile and injectable!!!). The manufacturer, Laboratoires Quinton, has achieved this standard for the past 125 years!

Quinton Marine Plasma and Oceanic Plastic Microparticles - THE FACTS

1. Quinton seawater is harvested from pure, plankton-rich, open-ocean waters far from any coast (>75 km). This area is known for its powerful currents and ocean upwellings that bring nutrients into the plankton bloom.

2. Plastic microparticle studies show that the predominance of microparticles falls into the range of 344 to 686 microns (a human hair thickness ranges from about 40 to 75 microns). The smallest microbes are 0.22 microns. This means that plastic microparticles are between 1500 times to 3000 times larger than microbes removed from Quinton Marine Plasma.

3. To date, plastic microparticles have NOT been observed even in raw Quinton seawater by the in-house Quality Control laboratory during the microscopic examination step (used to identify plankton and microbial species). Nor have plastic microparticles been reported by the independent Third Party laboratory, ALKEMI (Laboratorio de Analisis y Consultoria).

4. Finally, Quinton microfilters ALL of its seawater using dual-pass 0.2 micron absolute pharmaceutical sterilizing filters (no heating or application of energy is ever used). Clearly, 0.2-micron absolute filters would remove 100% of ANY plastic microparticles (344 microns to 686 microns) - even though there is NO EVIDENCE they are present in the raw seawater.

Suggested Use: 1 ampule daily, 15-30 minutes before a meal. Hold in mouth for 30-60 seconds, then swallow.

Additional ampules (up to 3) can be consumed in divided doses prior to meals and bedtime. Refer to insert for specific guidelines.

NOTE: FDA low sodium diet guidelines specify less than 2000 mg sodium per day from all sources.